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Its the best date sim game ever,

You did great. As always its a instant legend.
You should make a second.


some ideas for other games that would be awesome hits. have one with another kingdom and the witches cousin or sister helps the hero on his journey to find some magic items.
Another lesbian ride game :D ^-^

Its great

good job. kinda took awhile to load, but it is great. Im a fan of good zombie and survival adventure games. i hate games that are good but end way to soon and suck ina and end but this was great. one tip ill give you is try and lengthen and bring it out more. idk but awesome job keep it up

REaly good just 1 thing

MAKE MORE ROOM!! please lol. its awesome just it would be a whole lot better if u could make it to where u can see everything so i dont have to move the screen

YES!!! i finaly beat it.

This is the best game with zombies and one of the best on the internet. if i could i would give you 100/10 or 100/100 but sadly i cant ;( .

tips: make more like this. ^-^

Realy gives me an idea for a lazer light show xd

its realy great i cant give a tip beacuase there is not that much that can be improved
thats good if you make anymore spread the word

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Lol how about the intro. IT SUCKS xD

realy good you should add more though

tips - add more and have more than just that song

realy good

realy good and its fun to try out

i realy enjoyed it and i dont have any tips this time :) thats a good thing

good game its a real thinker

its realy good still a little short though first time i played its i expected him to kill me in one room i though i just messed up when i died but realy good

tip~ you should totally make a full game like this it was realy good i realy dont have that much adive for this one :)

realy addicting

its hard but realy fuin

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